Compact Combustion Analyzer- Casper

CASPER is a portable flue gas analyser that was meticulously designed to meet statutory requirements and specific customer demands. It may be provided in a rugged ABS carry case or waterproof shoulder bag.  The instrument contains one single board with all the basic circuitry, pre-calibrated measuring cells, sampling pump, silicone keypad, backlit graphic LCD display, high-capacity rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack. The two halves of the case are firmly secured by six screws on the rear of the instrument.
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Main features:

• Compliant with EN 50379-1 and EN 50379-2

• 2 and 3 measurement cells O2, CO and NO

• CO measurement cell with 1 ppm resolution and built in NOX/SOX filter

• Precalibrated gas sensors, field replaceable

• Flue gas and outdoor air temperature measurement

• Absolute and differential pressure measurement

• Boiler efficiency calculation

• Automatic detection of condensing boiler with efficiency calculation

• CO2, heat stack loss, excess air calculation

• Ambient CO measurement

• High accuracy internal probe (± 0.5 Pa) and resolution (0.1 Pa) draft measurement with internal sensor

• Gas pipes tightness test UNI 7129/11137 (Casper 202/301 only)

• 3 consecutive analysis with average calculation

• Internal memory for 300 analysis

• Big blue (38 x 70 mm) graphic LCD backlit with zoom feature

• Rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries

• External Charger/Power Supply with AC plug

• Recharging time: 4 hrs. up to 90% (Sh x 100%)

• Up to 12 hrs. autonomy of continuous operation

• USB cable for unlimited data storage on PC

• Bluetooth class 1 (up to 100 mts)

• Self diagnostic function with alarms on gas sensors end-of-life

• 180, 300, 750 and 1000 mm flue gas sensor probes

• 300 mm flexible flue gas sensors sampling probe

• External condensation trap and dust filter

• Unbreakable stainless steel probe and hose connections

• 12 preprogrammed fuels, including pellets and wood

• 32 additional programmable fuels

• 10 different languages preprogrammed

• Neoprene magnetic holster

• PC software and video manual on USB pendrive

• User manual and calibration certificate

• Dimensions 220x110x55 mm, weight 0,55 Kg.

• Bluetooth connection to printer and PC

• IR connection to IR printer

2 measuring sensors for:

• O2

• CO

• NO (only for Casper 301)


Other measurement:

• Flue Gas Temperature

• Outdoor Air Temperature

• Room Temperature

• Absolute and differential pressure

• Draught high precision measurement - UNI 10845.


Calculated Measurement:

• CO2

• Boiler efficiency, condensing included

• Stack loss

• Excess air

• Differential Temperature

Additional features:

• Firmware updates available for free from Seitron website: www.seitron.it

• Gas pipes tightness test UNI 7129/11137 (Casper 202/301 only)

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